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History of Private Equity

While private equity has only come into the public spotlight in the last three decades, tactics in the industry have been refined since the beginning of the last century, when bank magnate JP Morgan is said to have carried out the first debt-financed takeover of Carnegie Steel Corporation, then one of the country's largest steel producers, for $480 million in 1901.

What is private equity?

Private Equity (PE) is a collective term for all types of investment in the equity of unlisted companies.

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Advantages of private equity

Private equity offers several advantages to companies and start-ups and is preferred by companies because it gives them access to liquidity as an alternative to traditional financing mechanisms such as high-interest bank loans or listing on public markets.

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How does private equity work?

Private equity firms raise money from institutional investors and accredited private investors who invest in various types of assets, the most popular types of private equity financing are listed below.

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FINDESSA is an internationally active private equity investment boutique with a focus on growth companies.


With locally anchored, international locations in all major growth regions, FINDESSA provides entrepreneurial solutions for companies and qualified investors in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, financing and principal investments.

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With a strong focus on up-and-coming, innovative companies, we offer a wide range of strategic and conceptual services and help to implement innovative projects along the entire development value chain.
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With more than 5,000 active investors, we are an internationally active investor network for growth-oriented investments. On our platform we present selected, audited and promising growth companies in which you can invest as a qualified investor.

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