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Since the foundation of FINDESSA, the team and its worldwide cooperation partners have developed into a highly qualified, high-performance unit, supporting our clients in sustainable business and socially responsible action.

Part of our corporate strategy is therefore to combine financial and non-financial performance indicators and to make a positive contribution to investors, the environment and society through a holistic approach.

Whether an investment, expansion, the valuation of fixed assets or the sale of your company, our team is at your side for all entrepreneurial decisions.

We offer you a comprehensive service in the areas of capital market measures, growth financing (listing, IPO), restructuring and corporate succession and support you in the acquisition and sale of companies (M & A).
We support you in challenging times, create expansion concepts quickly and efficiently and guide you safely through the adjustment and reorganization process or the exit strategy.

100+ years of experience

Our experts in the area of "Capitalisation, Listing, IPO" will advise you competently and individually to ensure the sustainable positive development of your company.
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For companies

360° for your success

The goal of any expanding company is to maximize the value of the company.

At FINDESSA, we support growth-oriented, innovative companies in the implementation of their plans and projects. Our work in this area includes identifying the appropriate financing instruments, structuring the procedure and corresponding documentation. Together with the client, we find the appropriate solution for financing with equity, debt or mezzanine capital, with or without banks.

Starting partnership

Partner for rapid growth

The primary goal of your company is expansion. FINDESSA advises you on the identification of suitable strategic partners and financial investors. Together with you, we develop the required financial concept and accompany you throughout the entire process until the desired goals are achieved.

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Tailor-made financial solutions

FINDESSA's core competencies lie in the design of tailor-made financing solutions, with a particular focus on private placements of equity, debt and hybrid capital with selected investors within and outside the banking sector.

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IPO / initial public offering

FINDESSA's services range from the selection of appropriate banks and institutions to the development and conception of an effective company presentation and the preparation of the equity story.




There are many ways in which entrepreneurs and FINDESSA come together. In many cases, entrepreneurs contact FINDESSA to find suitable investors, and in other cases FINDESSA approaches entrepreneurs directly to jointly examine a possible future partnership and participation in the company.

During the first screening, the company and FINDESSA have a series of discussions about objectives and the strategic motivation to sell part of the company. both parties must jointly understand how FINDESSA can help to take the next step towards more growth, professionalism and innovation. together we reflect on the current market position, strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities and risks.

Once both the entrepreneur and FINDESSA are convinced that cooperation can be profitable for all parties involved, FINDESSA will make an initial assessment of the transaction parameters, including an initial valuation and a possible investment structure. These parameters will be outlined in a formal indicative offer. Once a mutual understanding of the general conditions between the entrepreneur and FINDESSA has been reached, both parties will formulate a concrete plan, summarising all transaction parameters, including a cost recovery clause by the company, before a detailed due diligence is carried out.

During the detailed due diligence FINDESSA will conduct a commercial, financial, legal, tax and technical audit of the company. The company will gather all the required documentation in a secure data room accessible to all relevant parties and their advisors and present the results to the financing investors and potential co-investors.

At the end of the entry phase, the parties agree on an optimal transaction structure and draw up the contract. This step typically involves several discussions and final negotiations, as alternative structures and tax implications must be carefully evaluated. Once agreement is reached, FINDESSA and the entrepreneur will sign the contract and all other parties involved (PE investors, co-investors, etc.) will follow with the signing of the contract.

Subsequently, the management team and FINDESSA jointly focus on implementing the strategic and operational measures to improve profitability and market position. each transformation is a tailor-made program that addresses every aspect of the business model. this program may also include external growth options, such as "add-on" acquisitions, to accelerate growth and/or international expansion.

At some point in the future, there will come a point when the company has reached a new phase in its life and FINDESSA will have fully contributed its added value as an active partner. with new owners, the company will have new opportunities for further development, such as strategic investors who can further accelerate growth or realise synergies. at this point, FINDESSA - in close consultation with all the other shareholders - decides to exit and selects the optimal future owner.

For companies

Transaction Process

Corporate transactions require experience, know-how and a great deal of care.

FINDESSA is known for a collaborative and professional process, and our goal is to be a reliable and transparent partner for both entrepreneurs and M&A advisors on the selling side to ensure a smooth transaction.

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Equity for companies in growth phases.

We share your vision and offer growth-oriented companies access to expertise, know-how and capital.