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For investors

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FINDESSA maintains an exclusive, wide-ranging business & investment network and stands in particular for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

Reliability, sense of responsibility, transparency and innovative strength: we at FINDESSA know that only with know-how, systems and many years of experience can the opportunities of tomorrow be recognised, evaluated and used today.

The steadily growing number of investors interested in innovation confirms our corporate strategy of offering transparent, partnership-based services and benefits to innovative entrepreneurs and qualified investors in an optimal environment for successful cooperation.

The Findessa Invesment Network is a special area for qualified, financially strong investors. this group of people deals strategically with the topic of financial investments and seeks professional access to equity investments in interesting growth companies. members of the F.I.N. are given the opportunity to participate online with equity capital in closed financing rounds (comparable to private placements) in companies at preferential conditions.

At the F.I.N., members interact with other investors, and the networking idea behind this is also underlined by interesting events, on-site visits and pitches with exciting growth companies.

100+ years of experience

For smart investors, we are committed to applying our values today and in the future: reliability, responsibility, transparency and innovative strength.
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FINDESSA Investment Network

With more than 5,000 active investors, we are an internationally active investor network for growth-oriented investments. On our platform we present selected, audited and promising growth companies in which you can invest as a qualified investor.

Members of the Findessa Network are given the opportunity to participate with equity in closed financing rounds at preferential conditions. The network concept is underlined by interesting events with exciting on-site visits to growth companies all over the world.

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FINDESSA experts select the best investment opportunities.


A detailed investment analysis is performed for each growth company.

Video Conferences

Live video conferences with companies and FINDESSA experts.

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You receive exclusive access to exciting equity investments.


FINDESSA takes care of the entire contract processing.


Network with other investors and business angels in the FINDESSA investment network.

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For investors

How do I become a member of the FINDESSA investment network?

With the FINDESSA investment network we offer investors particularly attractive access to investment opportunities.

In order to keep the quality of this network very high right from the start, we attach great importance to personal references. Investors who qualify by at least one of the following conditions are granted access to the F.I.N:

A single investment in a company of at least 100,000 euros

- or-

A total investment volume in companies of at least 100,000 euros

- or-

By recommendation of an active F.I.N. member

Admission to the F.I.N. takes place after examination by FINDESSA. For further questions, please use the contact details given below. There is no legal claim to admission to the F.I.N.

Findessa Investment Network





To stay above the inflation rate, you need to invest part of your assets with a significantly higher return. experts therefore recommend investing 10% of your capital in venture capital. Findessa offers such venture capital investments in selected growth companies.
the special thing about investments in unlisted companies is that investments are made in an early phase, when the majority of the company's value development is still to come. since the value of growth companies often increases very strongly, especially in the early years, investments in growth companies offer the opportunity to multiply the amount invested if the company is economically successful. in addition to the return opportunity, an investment is characterized by the fact that investors have the opportunity to accompany the company from the beginning on its planned and challenging path from a young innovative company to an innovation driver and industry leader.

Investments in companies can be very lucrative. in the past, such investments were reserved for professional investment companies (private equity and venture capital companies) and very few wealthy business angels, because they were able to invest very large sums and were sufficiently networked to be offered lucrative investments.

FINDESSA offers qualified investors the exclusive opportunity from 100,000 euros upwards to invest in selected, audited and valuable companies with a lot of potential that are currently not listed on the stock exchange. Because the companies are not listed at the time of investment, investors cannot sell their capital every day, as is the case with shares. Instead, the money is tied up until the IPO or tradesale. Because companies need time to achieve increases in value. In return, investors can expect above-average returns with a balanced risk ratio.

The FINDESSA Investment Network is a special area for financially strong investors. The FINDESSA Network deals strategically with the topic of investment and offers professional access to equity investments in interesting growth companies.

Members of the FINDESSA network are given the opportunity to participate with equity capital in closed financing rounds (comparable to private placements) in companies at preferential conditions.


Why invest in growth companies?

FINDESSA offers qualified investors access to innovative companies, especially from various future-oriented industries such as technology, energy, healthcare, internet and more.

We check the potential of these companies in advance and then present them to you in line with your investment focus, ensuring that the respective company is optimally prepared and that all important information has been adequately prepared.

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